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On Sept. 18, I had the privilege of attending a virtual session featuring Michael Hatswell, a distinguished alumnus of George Brown College’s Digital Media Marketing Postgraduate Diploma program. As a former student eager to make the most of my academic journey and career prospects, Michael’s insights and experiences were both inspiring and enlightening. In this entry, I will reflect on four valuable lessons I learned from him and how they might impact my career path.

Lesson 1: Networking Essentials

Networking Essentials RMmediaz

Michael emphasized the significance of building strong networks within your academic and professional circles. He pointed out that our peers and professors can become key connections in our career journey. His advice to actively engage during class activities, express our interests to professors, and contribute to group assignments resonated with me. I now understand that our peers are not just classmates; they can be potential collaborators and friends who share our career aspirations.

Lesson 2: Coffee Chats and LinkedIn

Coffee Chats and LinkedIn RMmediaz

Coffee chats, whether conducted online or in-person, are powerful tools for networking. Michael advised us to be active listeners and conduct thorough research before these meetings. This tip is invaluable because it ensures that every interaction is meaningful and productive. His emphasis on messaging GBC alumni and industry professionals on LinkedIn as a starting point for networking was a practical step I will implement. Importantly, he cautioned against coming off as overly eager, reminding us that genuine relationships are built over time.

Lesson 3: Job Seeking Strategies

Job Seeking Strategies RMmediaz

In the competitive job market, Michael shared strategies that could set us apart. His advice on perfecting LinkedIn profiles, following industry leaders, and creating job alerts aligns with the idea that success requires proactivity. Crafting custom cover letters for specific roles and tailoring resumes using relevant keywords from job descriptions is a tactic I plan to adopt immediately. These personalized approaches demonstrate a sincere interest in potential employers and highlight our unique qualifications.

Lesson 4: Effort and Learning

Effort and Learning RMmediaz

One of the most impactful takeaways from Michael’s talk was his emphasis on effort and continuous learning. He asserted, “Whatever you put in is what you’ll get out.” This mindset shift is essential for personal growth and career development. Michael’s journey from a creative internship at Adidas Canada to a more analytical role in performance marketing demonstrates the importance of adaptability and the willingness to learn new skills. His statement that you never stop learning reminded me that every experience, whether successful or not, contributes to our growth.

Reflecting on Michael’s insights, I recognize the profound impact they can have on my career path. I feel more prepared and motivated to navigate the challenging job market. As a result of his advice, I intend to take the following actions:

Action 1: Actively engage in class discussions, seek one-on-one meetings with professors, and contribute fully to group assignments to build meaningful connections with peers and educators.

Action 2: Initiate coffee chats with alumni and industry professionals on LinkedIn, ensuring I come prepared to make these interactions valuable for both parties.

Action 3: Personalize my job applications by crafting tailored cover letters and resumes, highlighting my alignment with the specific roles and organizations I am interested in.

Action 4: Embrace the philosophy of continuous learning, understanding that every experience is an opportunity to grow, adapt, and excel in my career.

By putting these actions into practice, I aim to set myself up for success in my job and internship search. Michael Hatswell’s invaluable insights have given me the confidence and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the marketing industry.


Today’s e-journal entry serves as a reminder of the power of knowledge-sharing and mentorship. Michael Hatswell’s journey from a GBC alumnus to a successful professional in the marketing industry has inspired me and provided practical guidance for my own career path. I look forward to applying these lessons and taking the next steps toward my future success.

With gratitude,

Rahat Mansoor


1: Image for networking essentials = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUhC_Z9oiZc

2: Other images = https://unsplash.com

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